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What is Keeping me from Feeling Good?

Feeling Good!

It is what we all want, but feeling good – regularly and daily feeling good – is often a difficult goal to achieve. With hundreds of billions even trillions of dollars spent annually on feeling good, why is it that there is so much pain, misery, depression and hopelessness everywhere?

“Feeling good” cannot be purchased at the drugstore, movie theater, health spa, chiropractor or restaurant.

Feeling good can only be achieved through choice.

That’s right, I said choice! Feeling good is an attitude and attribute that is developed through the trials that are experience and the choice to rise above those challenges.

Now, as assuredly as the sun will rise in the east, many readers are making the decision to stop reading this “feeling good” article and dismissing it as useless, wrong or unsympathetic. I ask you the reader to wait a moment and to hear me out. As a chiropractic physician, you need to know that my hope and desire for you the reader and for each of my chiropractic patients is feeling good daily. And, you also must understand that it is an achievable and worthy goal. Will you be feeling good with chiropractic help? How about pain medications, antidepressants, massage, acupuncture or counseling? Perhaps.

The choice you make seeking assistance will be determined by what you know or who you know. You may visit a chiropractic doctor, medical doctor, therapist or dentist based upon your perceived needs; and that would be the correct thing to do. But feeling good requires much more than treatment or remedies; it requires programming too.


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