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Your First Visit

Be prepared to spend up to 1 hour with Dr. Lee on your first visit. The doctor will do everything possible to discover the best, most productive way to get you feeling better faster. You will first be asked several questions, and depending on your needs, you may receive any of the following: a spinal/postural screening, muscle strengthening test, joint motion analysis, contact reflex analysis/applied kinesiology screening, nutritional assessment screening, and/or a clinical and home treatment plan.

Come in 15 minutes before your appointment to complete any additional paperwork. Be sure to bring any doctor's office notes, lab tests, imaging reports (within the last 6 months), and your insurance card if you have one. 

For our auto accident patients, please bring any hospital paperwork, imaging reports, auto insurance contact information (for you and the other driver involved), and attorney contact information (if you choose to use one).

You can find all new patient paperwork below. Please download and fill out all pages that pertain to your needs.

Adult Ballet Class

Adult New Patient Paperwork

Age: 13-Adult

Happy Children

Pediatric New Patient Paperwork

Age: Birth-12 years


Auto Accident New Patient Paperwork

For Auto Accident Patients only

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