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Attitude is Everything!

Is your attitude making you sick?

Health issues can be discouraging. Chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia , MS and others will most definitely lead to discouragement, frustration, depression and occasionally hopelessness. I see it in my chiropractic practice daily. The quality of your health will have an effect on the quality of your attitude! But does your attitude have an effect on your well-being?

About 30 years ago I met a man named CB Clausen. CB was in his late sixties I believe, but he had the demeanor of a young vibrant twenty year old. You would not have guessed he had a problem by just listening to his cheerful salutations but when you looked at CB you could not ignore his overwhelming bend at the waist. CB had severe arthritis and disc disease in his low back that caused him excruciating pain and suffering. But nevertheless, he never stopped smiling while in your presence and a handshake was always extended to you. Though CB was a joy to be around for everyone he met, to me he was an inspiration.

I never forgot this amazing man and his enthusiasm for life. Little did I know then that I would later in my own life suffer from a similar ailment of arthritis and fibromyalgia. There are some days that I feel downright awful . But when I, or you, are feeling down we do have a choice to make, don’t we?. “Will I allow my fibromyalgia pain to ruin me today?”

There will be times that fibromyalgia will control us with an iron fist. Anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia or any chronic illness knows this all to well, but choosing to battle its negative effect on our happiness is something that we can try to do.

I know that your situation will be different from mine as every fibromyalgia sufferer’s symptoms and intensity is unique, , but I do know what I can do for myself. I want to be able to look my wife and my children in the eye and let them see that their husband and father loves them; and that no level of pain, fear or frustration will push away my love for them. Because I love them I want to share my best emotions and feelings with them. Happiness and peace are the emotions I enjoy the most. When I become self centered on my fibromyalgia pain I fail to acknowledge the feelings my loved ones have. When this happens, I become more discouraged and depressed; I lose my happiness. And guess what? my fibromyalgia gets worse too! However, when my attention is focused on them instead of my fibromyalgia, I feel joyful. It is not a chiropractic adjustment that I need but an attitude adjustment. Then, my fibromyalgia is weakened and I am in charge.

Now you know, the quality of your attitude will have an effect of the quality of your health!



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