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"Medicine cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients" - Carl Jung

Why I Do What I Do

I have taught nutrition in public and private settings for several years now. Although taught to me in chiropractic school, I never truly appreciated the power that nutrition had until I was diagnosed in 1991 with a terminal illness. After being told that there was nothing that could be done to cure my illness, my wife and I began the search for something, anything(!) that would give me the chance to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. This isn’t where my story begins but it most definitely became my personal “Turning Point”.

I have always had health issues. I was born with a severely clubbed foot. I fractured that same foot when I was a very young child, resulting in an ankle bone dying. With casts on my feet for many months of my life, my activity level was limited and subsequently altered. I loved sports, and I loved playing too, but athletic I was not. My limited ability to run like most children my age slowed me down; emotionally as well as physically. Weight gain and childhood obesity were serious threats from a young age forward!

My dear, sweet mother was a working mom. She had to be because my dad was a schoolteacher with a schoolteacher’s salary and 7 children and a foster sister to raise. This meant that older siblings were often required to cook many of our meals. When Mom was working, and Dad was teaching night school, we would sometimes take it upon ourselves to find whatever was available in the refrigerator or on the shelf to eat. Convenience and ease became our modus operandi.

Needless to say, nutrition was not considered a big part of our decision making.

In college and in chiropractic school, I learned the ins and outs of nutrition. I studied the chemistry and physiology associated with it and was introduced to the possibilities that the lack of nutrition could adversely cause disease and that, conversely, nutrition could potentially heal the infirmed body. But even then, it wasn’t until I received the dire news that my life was to be dramatically reduced to less than 2 years, that nutrition became important to me. With God’s divine guidance, I was led to those with greater understanding and nutritional means to help my body heal, when modern medicine had given me nothing but a “good luck!”

With this clinical nutrition, with the love, prayers and fasting of many family and friends and by the true grace of a merciful God and His miraculous healing power, I was cured of the fatal disease.

I share this very personal and sacred experience in hopes that you, the reader, will understand why I firmly believe that nutrition is critically important for you. For almost 30 years now, I have made nutrition a valuable part of my life, my learning, my teaching, my practice, and I want it to be a part of yours too. I am so very far from living a perfectly, nutritionally healthy lifestyle but I keep on trying and hope that you will do the same.

For this reason, I will be sharing regular thoughts and insights to help you to “Help Yourself”. It is my hope that you will find each future article of worth. If a thought or impression comes to you that a certain “somebody” could benefit from it, I would hope that you will feel comfortable sharing.


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